Just an excerpt I wrote for a really good friend of mine.  I provided the words, he provided the illustration.  (Visit his blog here).

I’m going to die out here, I think.

My lips are beginning to crack because they are so dry. I need water – just a small glass, a small sip. A sample of that refreshing liquid would do wonders for me right now. I look up, searching for even the smallest sign of civilization.

No luck.

“Great,” I mutter. “This damned sun doesn’t help matters, either.”

How did I end up in a desert, of all places? I can’t remember anything; it’s what happens when my instinct is triggered. I’m blinded by primal rage, everything becomes one giant blur, and I wake up in an obscure location.

I swallow and continue to trudge forward. I need water – wait a second. I swallow again. My thirst has been satiated. What is going on?

And then it hits me. “Shit,” I say.

I’m beginning to transform again.

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